When someone mentions Alaminos City, Pangasinan, you immediately think of the Hundred Islands. And that all you can do was take a boat ride around those many clusters of limestone formations, do a little snorkelling, go back to your hotel, have dinner then call it a day. I would have done the same last year but I was so wrong. Alaminos City has SO much to offer than that.

As I have mentioned, the City of Alaminos with the help of BEMAC Philippines, launched the new Eco Tourism Tour that highlights other attractions that their city has to offer and I’m here to give you the summary of it.


          1. Learn about Mangroves at Alaminos Mangrove Propagation and Information Center

The is where you learn about the mangroves that are predominantly found in the coastlines of our country and how they help prevent floods and erosion in your area. It will be done through a short seminar and a tour around the area with the help of accredited Department of Tourism guides. If you’re a bird enthusiast, you can also do a little bird watching on the tower they have.


          2. Visit Bolo Beach

To be honest, it is not as impressive as some of the beaches in our country but if you want peace and quiet, this is where you’ll find it. You can swim and have a picnic with your friends and family. It’s also cheap to rent a cottage there and they also offer transient houses for your group.

Bolo Beach is quite far from the city proper so it’s a little hard to visit it unless you have a car. Renting a bike or a tricycle can be a bit of a hassle. That’s one of the advantages of the Ecotourism Tour because they provide you hassle free transportation with the e-trikes provided.


          3. E-Kawayan Factory

I’m quite familiar with the place since my friend Angeline had her son’s baptism giveaway made there. What I didn’t expect was how cool it was. You literally get to see how they make bamboo podiums and classroom chairs and how they LASER the engravings on their products. They have a store inside where you can buy the finish products for souvenirs. It’s a very interesting place plus they also have an orchidarium outside.

          4. Shop at the Alaminos Market

Found at the ground level of Nepo Market in the city proper, this is where you will find THE BEST LONGANIZA EVER. I’m not even kidding. Alaminos longaniza trumps over Vigan Longaniza any time of the day. It’s fairly underrated if you ask me, but seriously, go try it for yourselves. It’s also cheap as hell. The price varies between 60-120 pesos per dozen and depends on the size.

Anyway, enough about my Alaminos Longaniza obsession, you can also find boneless bangus (milk fish) here at a very cheap price as well. Pangasinan, especially Dagupan is quite famous for them so expect quality fish from there.

          5. Relax at Lucap Park

As you know, during my travels, I like to walk around the area and hangout at parks and boulevards to reflect and people watch and this trip is no exemption. I was very impressed with the structure of the park with its organized picnic area and clean surroundings. It’s near the ocean so you get to experience the wonderful sea breeze while having having your meal at the couple of restaurants and cafes found there. Another plus is that it’s not too crowded that it’s overwhelming.

If you want to avail the Eco Tourism Tour, all you need to do is go to the City Tourism Office located at Brgy. Lucap and they’ll assist you. The tour also includes a very knowledgeable tour guide to give you information about the places and answer your questions.

All in all, it was a fun trip where I learned all the efforts our local government does in promoting our country’s tourism while at the same time trying to save our environment. Because as we know, if we don’t t take care of Mother Earth, there wouldn’t be any places to even visit.


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