A Backpacker’s Guide To Bantayan Island

Two years ago, I had the courage to travel all by myself. It wasn’t an impulse decision. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years but it was my best friend Angeline who gave me the extra push to finally pursue it. I had no destination in mind. All I know was it had to be on my birthday weekend because I plan on making it a tradition. People thought I was crazy because since I will be alone, I will be celebrating my birthday alone. I know birthdays should be celebrated with friends and family, but then again, why not celebrate your birth by experiencing new things? So I randomly booked a roundtrip ticket to Cebu City, and that is where my adventure starts.

Please click the link below for the first part of my Birthday Solo Backpacking Celebration.

BANTAYAN ISLAND: The First Destination Of A Solo Backpacker





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